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Virtual Urgent Care Memberships


Care from the comfort of your own home. 

NO need to go to Urgent care or Emergency room when you have access to care when you need it

Membership options (suitable for both insured and uninsured) -- 

Access when your child is sick!

Pink Sugar

VIRTUAL/TELEMEDICINE VISITS Taking Care of You Mom and Dad, when was the last time you were planning a vacation and on the way there, your child didn't feel well? Next thing you know, you are derailing your family plans to go to the nearest urgent care, pay $150+, and usually find out that your child is fine? Or how about when it's late, you have an emergency, maybe you just have a minor question? Wouldn't you love to have access to your doctor whenever you need, without paying for each visit, waiting for hours to be seen, or paying a hefty premium for urgent care? As a parent, I found myself in this situation many times. I knew there had to be a better solution for parents to be able to more conveniently and quickly get access to a pediatrician. That is why I founded ZzPeds - our membership urgent care telemedicine program. For only $25/month per family, you will have access via a HIPAA compliant platform for messaging and visits. NO COPAYS Less than $1 per DAY

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